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In Greek mythology among many other cultures a muse was a spirit or somebody who inspired the creation of art; music, poems, literature, paintings, etc.

Life revolves around being inspired by things. With inspiration comes motivation to be great. The people that pass by us in life, whether for a short or long period of time, all have an impact on us. For me, people around me and all the beauty that nature embodies inspire me on a daily basis. Everything I create has been inspired by something or someone and for that I am forever grateful.

Currently based out of Toronto, Ontario, Muse offers a wide variety of baked goods from cakes to cookies, and from fudge to gift baskets. Please, be our guest to browse the site by using the navigation at the top of the page.

March 2, 2013: Our website is currently undergoing a facelift! Please bare with us! Thanks for your love and support! :) ~ Rebecca

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